Fear Factor or FOMO?

The hardest choi
ce can be whether to make that leap and go for something or stick with what’s known. Do we give into the fear factor or does FOMO win out and we stay comfortable.

I’ve struggled with making decisions lately. If there’s a long way around, I’ve taken it. I’ve made lists, I’ve meditated. I’ve consulted my horoscope, but ultimately I had to go with a decision that might not seem like the sure thing but definitely felt like the right thing.

We been through so many changes and pivoted the last few years you would think decision making would be easier, but practice doesn’t make it any less daunting. The relief comes when the decision becomes clear and you feel happy (and a little nervous) every time you think of the next steps. We have been trying to decide what opportunities to lean into, which ultimately will affect what we do and how we live.

To back up, my partner and I own a construction company (
InSteel+ Custom Homes). It’s our first love. We build small and larger projects. We believe in building in a sustainable way and conscious consummation when designing a space and so much of my love of DIY comes from creatively using what is available, which works when the supply chain does not.

We made the decision to accept an offer on our beautiful farmhouse that we built last year in Metchosin and move back into town. In doing so we bought an old house and are fixing it up and building an addition. We are so excited to take you on that journey with us and share our tips for building and DIY’s of our existing older home.

It’s an incredibly busy time for construction, and demanding, as the supply chain makes everything a little more challenging. We have learnt over the last many years how to adapt, build to a budget, and we can’t wait to share with you all the tricks we have learnt over the years and hopefully help you along the way with your own projects.

Making a decision about our new building project also led us to decide to renovate the shop. Five Fields has been a love affair and I am incredibly proud of it and so thankful for all your love and support. Its going to have a fresh look and a cozier space in the same building. It will be a perfect spot that we can be creative, inspire new projects, and be a resource if you ever get stuck on your renovation journey. I can’t wait to introduce you to the next chapter of our journey and our new space.

xo, Deb

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