Kids DIY - Virtual School Backdrop

Like a lot of kids, my son Evan has been attending school through Google hangouts during this pandemic. He wanted a cool backdrop to cheer his friends up and he knew Chalk Paint® was the only answer!

All you need to Chalk Paint® your own video call backdrop is:
1. First, Evan painted strips of colour down his wooden board. Because he’s become something of a Chalk Paint® pro and confident artist he didn’t use masking tape for his rainbow pattern. He also didn't wait for each colour to dry before adding the next one, blending the colours next to each other. A little artistic flare! 
If you’re less confident, you can use masking tape to create a guide. Spots are a good pattern too – and you can use bowls and plates of different sizes to make circles in all kind of shapes on your backdrop. You could use blue and yellow to paint a starry night sky. Or perhaps you’re more of a wild child – why not use a base of Barcelona Orange then add wiggly stripes of Athenian Black for a roarsome tiger print background! 
2. Once you're happy with your design and the Chalk Paint® is completely dry, make sure to apply Chalk Paint® Wax. That way you can pick your backdrop up and move it around without messing up your finish. 
3. Finally, take lots of photos to show your friends and family. Perhaps you can Zoom your grandparents and show them your colourful creativity – and your lovely face! If you use the hashtags #AnnieSloan and #ChalkPaint if you share your work on social media, as you have a chance to be featured on Annie Sloan's pages!