Sign of the times

I love vintage frames and especially love them when made into pinboards and chalkboards. They add personality, texture and meaning to any room. Rather than using them for a grocery list, they are a great spot to write a favourite saying or personal mantra.

The words “You are enough” or “Life is kind” written simply on a chalkboard hanging in the hall can shift your thinking out of the trap of a negative self defeating thoughts. It is that simple jolt to remind you who you are before the day intrudes. It’s a little phrase that you see unconsciously many times a day that returns you to your innate balance and well being.

Its a wonderful way to decorate any room in your home. They can be changed often and are fabulous for kids as well. They love the small pretty chalkboards in interesting colours which creates a special space for them to develop their own mantras and capture their being.

Mantra writing is a fun way to relieve the guilt of journaling, it’s fast, quick and it can be an exploration of your soul , while wondering what to write you might just discover you.