About Us

Design is not for the few it is for everyone, and everyone can bring their home to life through creativity.  Five Fields is here to spark creativity, teach and inspire you to bring your design vision to life.  We carry both products that deliver transformative results like Annie Sloan chalk paint or Iron Orchid Decor plus new furniture and decor pieces that will enhance your home.

We created a shop at Five Fields that is interesting, inspiring and filled with everything we love.  Our vibe is easy beach chic meets vintage British decor, which is a lot like our town of Oak Bay.  Our philosophy is every interior needs to mix the old with the new, our creamy dreamy decor is enlivened with a dash of vintage.  

We believe that what you can't buy you can create, if you have a vision we can help you achieve it and we are happy to take the time to teach, or give workshops or even help you reimagine your space with the help of our design consults.

So come create with Five Fields.